Into the Abyss

Run While You Can's editor, Alex Bushe has been hard at work all spring/summer editing Werner Herzog's new death row documentary, Into the Abyss. The film explores the lives of criminals on Texas' death row, is set to debut at the Toronto International Film Festival this September.

TIFF has unveiled three clips from the film and they are powerful, compelling peeks at the upcoming film. The documentary will delve into the lives of a pretty hardened bunch, focusing on two men convicted of triple murder, another who killed his girlfriend and her two mentally retarded sons, and a woman—one of only 10 on Texas’ death row—charged with abducting a newborn baby and killing the child’s mother. But it’s not just the perpetrators of the crimes getting face time with Herzog as he also reaches out to their families as well as the victims in what promises to be a unique and mesmerizing portrait of the ripple effects of crime and punishment.

Into the Abyss comes hot on the heels of another film edited by Alex, The Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Herzog's documentary about the paintings in the Chauvet caves, released last May. Congratulations, Alex - cannot wait to see the film in its entirety! [The Playlist]