Dear friends, It's been almost a year since we launched Run While You Can's Kickstarter campaign and began a long journey into the world of documentary filmmaking. To celebrate the anniversary, I wanted to share with you some news:

We sent out the first wave of rewards to our Kickstarter donors who gave between $10 and $50 in February. For those of you who gave $75+, your rewards are coming! We haven’t forgotten you, (how could we??) we just can't make things like posters and DVDs until the film is finished. Technical details.

Speaking of finishing the film…we’ve had some drama lately: the hard drive containing all of our footage was stolen from my apartment by an LA-based burglar. Kudos to him. Fortunately, we had a back-up hidden away elsewhere, and we are persevering!

We're heading back to Washington soon to grab a little more footage of the gorgeous snow-covered mountains there. We'll be sure to take plenty of photos. I wonder how it will feel to return a year later…maybe we'll squeeze in a visit to Leavenworth for some schnitzel?

Everyone on the RWYC crew is busy with films and projects. I am currently serving as associate producer on a new feature film STAND CLEAR OF THE CLOSING DOORS by fellow Rhode Islander and talented director, Sam Fleischner. Sam developed the screenplay from this 2009 New York Times article about a young boy with Autism who ran away from home and lived on the NYC subway. I hope you'll take a minute to check it out, share with friends, and support a very worthy project.

The road to Mexico was long indeed, but we're still traveling the road to completing Run While You Can, so stay with us. Keep checking in with the blog, Facebook, and Twitter. We're updating them all the time, and we love hearing from you!

As always, thanks for making this all possible.