Your Chance to Donate

Imagine. Your very own Run While You Can t-shirt


Greetings RWYC fans,

We've been quiet in the virtual world these past few months, but Marion and I have been working hard behind the scenes.... hibernating is for BEARS!

Marion and editor Alex have just started post-production on the film, and we are eager to share all of our exciting updates with you.

By now, those of you who donated to Kickstarter should be receiving your t-shirts and CDs, and know that those packages were made with love and gratitude for making the film possible. For those of you who still want donate to Run While You Can: A Documentary Film, but didn't get a chance to....well here's your chance!  That's right, if you donate $50 or more, you will receive a Run While You Can t-shirt, designed by the lovely and talented Brooklyn artist Louise Sheldon. These t-shirts are so comfortable and chic you can wear them with everything! Slacks, bicycle shorts, under a tuxedo, I mean EVERYTHING! Plus by donating, you will be supporting the completion of a powerful and inspiring film. But we NEED YOUR HELP to do this! We still have lots of work to do and your support is vital to us.

Go to this link to make a tax-deductible donation, and to receive your very own RWYC t-shirt.