Who wants to go to Canada anyways?

A Schmoke and a Pancake

Fugitives of Canada


It has been a crazy past few couple of days. I won't get into the details, because I really don't care to relive it, but after being denied access by the fine country of Canada and spending an unexpected night at "Crime Scene" Motel in Northern Washington, we are finally settled (if you consider "settled" to mean in an RV on the road). After flying to LA, Marion and I packed up sleeping bags, headlamps, hiking boots and all other necessary camping gear. We also packed both of our computers, a dozen hard drives, and a printer. Clearly one of the most difficult aspects of this entire project is simultaneously organizing a multi-site camping trip as well as filming a movie. So while we are sleeping and cooking at campsites and planning hikes, we are also determining where we can get the best footage and constantly repositioning ourselves ahead of Sam to film him coming. Then going.

With hiking expert/uncle, John Rollins in Seattle

(Finally) en route

All this sounds like a lot of work for a few mere seconds of Sam footage, but believe, me it's worth it. Yesterday we hiked in a little to the southbound Pacific Crest Trail opening at Bridge Creek, Washington, set up our equipment, and waited for Sam. As RV Cook/Trip Coordinator/Random Task Manager, I was sent ahead with a walkie talkie to signal when Sam came by. Within a few minutes, in a blaze of glory that seemed to resonate from his blonde samurai bun and beard, He passed, and we got our shot.

Let us film you.

Since things went relatively smoothly today, we can assume that this will be the norm from now on. Little by little we accumulate footage of Sam, slowly working towards the ultimate goal of a feature-length film. Our mission everyday is to film Sam, so any way we can achieve this, we will, and because we completed our mission today I feel completely satisfied. (Side note: this feeling of satisfaction is relative to our crew, and should not be compared to what Sam's life is like right now). Tomorrow we are waking up at 4:30 to reach our location at 8, to film Sam guerilla-style as he runs across a meadow. If we get this shot, I know I will sleep well.

Rainy Lake


Cecily "Crazy Legs" Mauran