We Like to Break a Mental Sweat Too

Dear friends, Here are some books that the Run While You Can team has been reading on the trail in order to reflect on themes like endurance, the Pacific Northwest, and adventure/travel. Please comment if you have any suggestions for us!


Pickets and Dead Men

Bree Loewen reflects on her three years as a Mount Rainier National Forest Ranger


Born to Run

Christopher McDougall describes the superhuman abilities of the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico


My First Summer in the Sierra

John Muir, the Grandfather of Conservation writes witty observations of the area's beauty



Writer Elizabeth Eaves travels restlessly across five continents


And primarily informative, yet equally interesting are the PCT guidebooks:


Pacific Crest Trail

These books, which chronicle Washington, Oregon, Northern California, and Southern California in three volumes provide detailed description of trails, topographical maps, and general words of wisdom

Day and Section Hikes: Pacific Crest Trail Washington

An detailed account of day hikes and trails that lead to the PCT